Meet Us

Meet Patrick

Patrick Hudson didn’t set out to be an oyster farmer, but we’re all glad he is one! Born and raised in Baltimore, Patrick attended Gilman School and graduated from the University of Virginia with plans to go to law school. When not studying he spent his free time “oyster gardening.” Growing oysters in the pristine waters of St. Jerome’s creek soon turned into a full time job. His farm, True Chesapeake Oyster Co., debuted the Skinny Dipper at the Preakness in 2013 and the rest is history. Today, True Chesapeake sells over 1 million oysters a year including those delivered fresh to the Local Oyster. Many consider his Skinny Dippers to be the finest oysters in Maryland.

Meet Nick

Nick Schauman is a Charm City native with local traditions and Maryland seafood running through his blood. He grew up eating steamed crabs, Grandma’s crab soup and raw Oysters at Lexington Market. As a young man Nick graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in design. After several years working as a jack of all trades he went to culinary school with dreams of bringing his childhood traditions to life. In 2013 he succeeded, creating Baltimore’s first traveling oyster bar. After a few short years The Local Oyster has gained a loyal following and is recognized as one of the best oyster bars in Baltimore. ​